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The devout NBA junkie was given a summer to remember in 2010. Last season was capped of with an uber-classic 7 game series between NBA titans. Game 7 (if you can even remember) was the epitome of a backstreet brawl that left me with a nostalgiac feeling. It was so ugly yet so beautiful. About halfway through the series I told my best friend and fantasy hoops confidant, Neal aka Power Player, that before the Finals ended Ron-Ron would do something crazy. I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but I saw that look in his eyes. He was worthless in the first games and the critics were shredding him. He was due for a meltdown of epic proportiosn. Now Ron-Ron turning out to be the CLUTCH performer of Game 7 wasn’t on my shortlist for crazy moments but you have to admit that was crazy. However, my boy came through in the clutch two times. He followed up his legendary oncourt performance with the strangest, most uncomfortable post-game press conference that I man has ever seen. If you haven’t seen it then you must youtube it right now…that guy invents new levels of crazy daily.

The finals coming to an end usually signifies the beginning of a NBA junkie’s grieving process through the duldrums of the offseason. But this one was different and we all knew it. Nobody, allegedly, had any idea how the chips were going to fall, but we knew it was going to be real interesting. The free agents didn’t let us down.

I will spare you the rehashing of who went were because we have been there and done that. However, I do want to metion what this summer did to the NBA. The NBA not only had a shift in power from the West to East. The NBA had a shift in power between the owners and the players. At the moment, nobody knows really what to make of it. Right now the players are dictating how “the business” is going to be run. Sure there were your typical sub-superstar players getting significantly overpaid…see Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudemire. But for the most part there was an influx of players migrating for less dough to these new “super power teams”. This appears to be a trend that isn’t going to stop with the likes of Melo and CP3 all but announcing their collaboration in the years to follow. These transactions are unprecedented and it is yet to be dertermined whether or not these “super power teams” are actually good for the league. For now it has brought the sport back into the spotlight.

The fantasy implications of this “super power team concept” is what I find the most intriguing. Public enemy’s newest #1, Lebron James, and his FB value is the talk of the town. The haters (and there are a TON of them) think LBJ’s value took the biggest hit since he decided to take his talents and Mo Williams will to live to South Beach. I have to ask the haters, Really? Who’s going to rebound for the Heat? Who’s going to drop the dimes to D Wade on the break? Who’s going to create the mid-range jumper for Bosh? Who’s going to make the kick out pass to Mike Miller for the wide open three? Who’s going to catch the lobs from D Wade when he’s leading the break? I need answers haters!!! If you don’t take LBJ with the #1 pick just because Durant went off in the FIBA Worlds then you probably think David Kahn is a genius. LBJ is about to bestow one of rarest, most disgusting stat lines for a season that hasn’t been seen since Chamberlain was gunning for the 40/40/10/10 club.

Okay…it won’t be that disgusting but it will have a similar effect because of the era Lebron plays in. Hasn’t Kimg James always been doubted because he lacked that mean streak? The way his name was destroyed by the media and the haters is the fuel for his hate bonfire that will be burning from city to city. If we are still discussing his lack of mean streak after this season then I will make my final post for this blog an apology letter. I am daring you to challenge me. King James is too. We are about to WITNESS a reign of terror. No more dancing during timeouts, no more taking crappy jumpers at the absolute worst time, no more carrying an entire team during the playoffs, and no more 55pt games…sorry. What are we going to see? We are going to see the epitome of a fantasy basketball GOD. He will be looking to crush the souls of haters and doubters each and every night by imposing his will one triple double at a time (Thank you NBA LEAGUE PASS).

I know, I know… I am not exactly going out on a limb with my first post. This one is specifically for the haters.
However, if I am fortunate enough to continue to provide future posts for this blog I can assure you that I have goodness to offer. For instance, the internet has killed the sleeper. It has inspired me to challenge the system. I have a new game I like to play:

Discover the sleepers before they become sleepers.

The bottom feeders can stumble across the diamonds in the rough simply by logging onto to their respective fantasy site. To challenge the sleeper system requires three things…live, breathe, and eat fantasy basketball. Uncovering the sleeper before they become sleepers is the new strategy. I am going to show you how you do this. Blogging about such a topic could cause a conflict in the league I compete in (that’s right…i play in just one league…more on that in the next paragraph). But I enjoy talking about it just as much as I do practicing it. Hence the reason I am submitting this post. Is that guru enough for you?

Also, I have found the perfect recipe for running a H2H keeper league that caused a league owner to call me a genius, in turn, causing my wife to suffer a coronary. If you prefer Roto then I will try to convert you. I want to share this with those who continue to seek the nirvana of FB competition. Let me take you there it’s a fun place.

In conclusion, I want to send my condolences to the late great Nellie ball. I don’t care which so-called experts state that new Warriors coach, Keith Smart, is going to carry on the philosophy. I’m sorry that just isn’t going to happen. There will never be anyone whackier than Nelson. He coached each game like he was 5 scotches deep and I imagined that after each game he walked by Chris Mullin saying nothing but making sure to give him the middle finger. I have never wanted to kill a coach and give him the Coach of the Year trophy in the same game. Nelson made me feels this way about 18 games last year. During the Nellie ball era I seemed to always end up with 5-6 Warriors on my roster at seasons end. Half of those players were 3 weeks removed from the D League. RIP Nellie ball!!! RIP Anthony Tolliver beasting it in FB!!!

This post was submitted by Drew Stratton.

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