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04/19/2011 11:42 AM - 

Contributed by Max Rosenberg

So, now that the fantasy season has come to an end, let us look back at the season that was and hand out some end of season awards. Mike and I will probably go over this to the EXTREME in Wednesday’s Pick N Roll, but I wanted to get my thoughts down in text prior to then. As always, I can be reached at or on Twitter @maxmillien .

Most Valuable Pickup HOU G Kyle Lowry:: There is really no contest here. Lowry went from relative absentia prior to the Aaron Brooks injury, to a top-ten PG by seasons end. Averaging 16.8 points, 7.3 assists, 4.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists to go along with a whopping 2.5 3PTM post All-Star break, Lowry was a beast and won many a fantasy player their season. He was Mike’s darling (even re-adding him end of season to prove a point!) and I should have probably traded for him in many a league as he now garners keeper consideration in deeper keeper leagues.

Honorable Mentions: Marcin Gortat, Dorell Wright (shallow leagues), Jordan Crawford (end of season tear).

Yeah so this trade worked out well for the Wolves.

Most Improved Player: MIN F/C Kevin Love: Averaging 20 and 15 on the season is completely insane and Kevin Love exploded onto the scene like no other (minus one player, we’ll get to that later). Coach Rambis finally caved in and #freekevinlove! He added a three-point arsenal (1.2 per game) and if he starts to ever steal or block shots or and Thank you, for we are all better for it!

Honorable Mentions: Derrick Rose, Dorell Wright, DeMar DeRozan, Russell Westbtrook.

Most Defensive Player: ORL F/C Dwight Howard: This is probably a weird category for fantasy purposes but Howard needs to get recognized. 2.4 blocks and 14.1 rebounds and 59.6 field goal percentage also defends you from not taking him in a 8-cat league. In any event, Howard is a monster and any NBA team would want him from a defensive standpoint, just please Dwight, take 1,000 free-throws a day this summer and get to 70, 75 percent…. You can do it!

Honorable Mentions: Joakim Noah (where he not injured), Serge Ibaka (#1 in total blocks with 198), Andrew Bogut (highest block average with 2.6), Chris Paul (188 total steals).

Fantasy Hot Streak…Burn Out: ORL F/C Ryan Anderson: Of all players to sell high on it was Ryan Anderson. The guy got super hot in January scoring 14.8 points, 6.5 rebounds and a WHOOPING 3 three-pointers made on 46% shooting. Aaaannnnnd, then he fell off the map sorta only to come back in the championships a little if you held out.

Honorable Mentions:: Ersan Ilyasova (always a roller coaster), Drew Gooden (just for the randomest triple double of the season).

Fantasy Headcase NETS F/C Brook Lopez: I still can’t figure out Brook. So much potential but was only able to put it together here and there. Called out by owner and coaches for lack of rebounding to a point where it got a bit sad, Lopez was a read basket case to own. The big man to own was Kris Humphries at stretches and that is just NUTS! Let’s hope some of that end of season rebounding was a sign of progress….

Honorable Mentions: Aaron Brooks (2009-10 was just a tease), Jose Calderon (all assists and some hor-awful shooting), Yao Ming & Greg Oden (don’t tell me you actually drafted them!)

Fantasy MVP: OKC SF Kevin Durant: He finished #1 in BOTH season average and season total according to Yahoo! scoring, and number two on the player rater from ESPN. Averages of 27.7 points, 6.8 rebounds, a block, a steal, 46.2 percent shooting on an average of 19.7 field goal attempts (4th in the league). Durant got drafted first and ended up coming through, gives us all who get stuck with first pick next season hopeful.

Honorable Mentions: Derrick Rose (REAL NBA MVP), Lebron James (#1 on the player rater and the closest to averaging a trip dub with 26, 7 and 7), Kevin Love (total rebounds leader).

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  1. Mike Gallagher says:

    Yes I did add Lowry on the last day of the season. Lame, I know.
    I felt like he had to be on my championship team to be honored until the end of time…. Yes I also know that reasoning is just as lame.

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