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Contributed by: Mike Gallagher

1. LeBron James:He‘ll be here for the next five years

2. Chris Paul: He‘s basically 1b

3. Kevin Durant:Wow. He has looked even better in his third year

4. Dirk Nowitzki:He‘s the ulimate offensive weapon and great for percentages

5. Danny Granger:His heel injury should be behind him

6. Kobe Bryant: He‘d be higher if I wasn‘t worried about the Lakers clinching early

7. Dwyane Wade Sprained his wrist, but he should be just fine

8. Steve Nash: He’s the unquestioned leader for dimes

9. Deron Williams: The injuries are always a concern with D-Will

10. Amare Stoudemire He‘s basically like Dirk sans treys

11. Brandon Roy: He‘s the only real must-start on the Blazers

12, Brook Lopez: Try not to worry about Yi too much

13. Chris Bosh Even if he is traded he should be a top-20 option

14. Carmelo Anthony: He is a premium option in scoring leagues, not still missing other stats

15. Joe Johnson: He has been up-and-down, but filling up threes and some other goodies, too

16. Andre Iguodala: Iverson or nay, Iggy Hop is a stud

17. Dwight Howard:FT% up to 61, not too shabby

18. Jason Kidd: Not a huge Kidd fan, but PG has become thin this year

19. Rajon Rondo: I don‘t think anyone expected Rondo to be the most valuable Celtic

20. Gerald Wallace:Any Wallace owner is on edge hoping he doesn‘t get stung by the injury bug

21. Baron Davis: B-Diddy had a triple-double in the middle of the 3rd quarter. nice

22. Monta Ellis: 26 PPG. His owners will want him to steer clear of steering mopeds

23. Pau Gasol: Always be weary of knees and hamstrings

24. Paul Pierce Knees and hamstrings

25. Al Jefferson: Kevin Love is almost hurting more than helping Al‘s value

26. Russell Westbrook: His growth is directly increasing with Durantula

27. Josh Smith: 52 percent from the line this month

28. Chauncey Billups: The last true PG1 for a while

29. Andrea Bargnani: 1.4 blocks per game this season

30. Antawn Jamison: His owners will hope he doesn‘t get traded

31. Zach Randolph:It‘s official, he is the hottest player in the NBA

32. Troy Murphy: There are some trade rumors surfacing for Murph dog

33. David Lee: 19 and 11. One of the most consistent big men in the league

34. Devin Harris:Buy-low folks

35. Rudy Gay:He‘s been pretty consistent this season

36. Kevin Martin: I‘m expecting big things when he returns Friday

37. Caron Butler: Hopefully he stays put

38. Rashard Lewis: He‘s gone cold lately, but he should heat up soon

39. Nene: Looks like he has shaken off the injury bug

40. Marcus Camby: Injuries are his only concern now

41. Carlos Boozer:54% from the floor and should be 20-10

42. Trevor Ariza: He‘d be 20 spots higher if he could raise his FG% to38

43. Tyreke Evans: Almost looks like a lock for R.O.Y.

44. Danilo Gallinari: He‘s added a nice steal and block per game average recently

45. Jason Richardson: He‘s another guy that I expect big things out of in the second half

46. Al Horford: He‘s still a little to inconsistent

47. Kevin Garnett: I might have him a little high

48. David West: Still one of the leading candidates for bust of the year

49. Kevin Love: Double-double in 15 of his last 16. wow

50. Brandon Jennings: No Redd should help his value

51. Ben Gordon: He‘s in a huge injury rut right now, nice buy-low

52. Derrick Rose: Bulls could trade away some pieces, so Rose should carry them

53. Carl Landry: A percentage junky‘s dream

54. Aaron Brooks: FG% finally dropped to 43 for the season

55. Vince Carter: 4/5-a-man-1/5-amazing

56. Luol Deng He should probably be in KG‘s spot

57. Joakim NoahTy Tom hasn‘t hurt him too much

58. Jason Thompson: Westphal has definitely helped him

59. Stephen Curry: Been pretty hot since S-Jax departure

60. Jeff Green: He lays too many eggs to be a top-50, probably next year

61. Stephen Jackson: How about that career-high 43 on Tuesday? Cough! Cough!…He’s sick!

62. Marc Gasol:Buy-low window closed after Tuesday

63. Ray Allen: He‘ll have to carry more of the load without KG

64. Luis Scola One of the unsung fantasy studs

65. Michael Beasley: The Beas should be in line for a big time second half

66. Al Harrington: All knicks players outside of David Lee can be a headache sometimes

67. Eric Gordon: Baron has clearly become the Clips‘ best option

68. O.J. Mayo:Somewhat disappointing, but should turn it around

69. Yi Jianlian: Man, my Nets are horrible

70. Tyrus Thomas: One of the most stressful players to own in fantasy sports

71. Lou Williams: I believe in Lou (They should put that on a T-shirt)

72. Andris Biedrins: He will have to carry the Warrior frontcourt

73. Hedo Turkoglu: Patience

74. Chris Kaman: Color me concerned with that back issue

75. Channing Frye: The Frye guy hits six threes in a game like it‘s nothing

76. Corey Maggette: Let’s go Hamstrings! (clap!clap!clap!clap!clap!)

77. Jameer Nelson: Do you believe in Jameericles?

78. Raymond Felton: I‘m basically the president of the Felton Hater Fan Club, too

79. Roy Hibbert: Those that heeded my advice are sitting pretty

80. Andrew Bynum: Still not very productive with Gasol out of the lineup

81. Jose Calderon: Bust of the year?

82. Emeka Okafor: Back-to-back 20-point games

83. Jason Terry: JET probably not going to win sixth man this year

84. Wilson Chandler: He has developed into quite the consistent player

85. Randy Foye: Needs to be owned in all leagues

86. Elton Brand: Yuck!

87. Shawn Marion:Still not shooting the three, but has been decent

88. Ersan Ilyasova: Value goes up a bit with Redd gone

89. Tony Parker: Played a great game Tuesday, but I’m worried about the foot

90. Jamal Crawford: He wants to be known as The Difference

91. J.R. Smith: Might be shooting less treys

92. Charlie Villanueva: Tuesday could be considered his coming out party.

93. Andrew Bogut: Could be top-70 for some, not me

94. Kenyon Martin: Can he stay healthy?

95. John Salmons: 40 percent from the floor this season

96. Rodney Stuckey: He didn‘t really do much with the whole team injured

97. Mike Conley: Definitely going to regret putting him in here

98. Mehmet Okur: Five blocks on Monday?

99. Thaddeus Young: Putting up some nice steal numbers

100. Jerryd Bayless:I have high hopes for J.B.

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