Prospect Profiles: John Wall

04/30/2010 2:42 PM - 

Contributed by Mike Gallagher

There’s really no way to understate how great a player John Wall is going to be in the NBA. He has been the top prospect for the upcoming NBA Draft since he hit the hardwood at Kentucky. Unlike the past couple years, there is really no doubt who the top pick is going to be as long as the Kings or Warriors don’t get that pick.

What we like:

Wall exhibits his greatness when he is on the break and creating in transition. He has been able to pick apart defenses even when he doesn’t have numbers against the opposition. His uncanny ability also helps him find his way to the rim or create space for his teammate.
Wall’s freakish athleticism bodes well for his halfcourt game as well. No college player or scheme was able to contain Wall from getting to the rim to facilitate an easy shot for one of his teammates, or himself. Saying Wall has freakish athleticism doesn’t fully encompass how great on an athlete he actually is. Wall is one of the quickest players in the history of college basketball.
Wall’s quickness also helped him get into passing lanes. Wall was able to earn 1.8 steals per game. Those steals helped Kentucky get out in the break and propel them to have one of the better transition offenses in the nation.
Wall has drawn a lot of comparisons to Derrick Rose. The main reason is due to their athleticism and their ability to get vertical in fractions of a second. Shawn Marion was really the first player that can be on the ground one second, then be above the rim in what seemed to be a nanosecond. Rose vaulted above The Matrix for his explosive hops, and Wall has a very similar ability. Wall has served up a couple facials on defenders that barely left the ground before the ball went through the hoop.
Part of the reason why Wall is great around the rim is his 6-foot-4 frame. 6’4” doesn’t sound that tall, but Tyreke Evans (6’6”) is the only point guard that is taller than Wall and Jason Kidd is the only other point guard that is 6’4”. Wall is a fairly aggressive rebounder and pulled down a respectable 4.3 RPG last season.
Wall played in an offensive system that should translate into the NBA. John Callipari was a pretty bad NBA coach, but he runs a lot of plays from the sideline much like in the NBA. Wall was able to grasp the offense and show he can create on paper. However, Wall is at his best when he is able to just get the ball and go.
J-Dub made 75.4 percent of free throws in his freshman campaign. That doesn’t sound great, but Rose shot 71 percent his freshman year with coach Callipari. Wall has tons of room for improvement at such a young age and he should be able to hoist that percentage to around 80.
Mr. Wall was third in the nation with 6.4 assists and many of those weren’t just ordinary passes to set up mid-range jumpers. Wall made a lot of those passes in traffic to set up bunnies or dunks. He isn’t exactly as creative as Steve Nash, but he has shown he can get the ball to a player in an unconventional matter.

What we don’t like:
Wall really has just two holes in his game. The first is pretty obvious for any young point guard. Turnovers. He turned the ball over 4.0 times per contest. That isn’t going to cut it in the NBA and there is little doubt that he won’t be able to control his haphazard style with the ball unless he improves.
Secondly, the Carolina-born star has some work to do with his jumper. Wall didn’t really show much of a mid-range game and struggled from behind the arc. His three-point percentage was just a paltry 32.5 percent. The NBA three-point line is going to make it even tougher for him to be able to get the green light from his new coach. To draw up the Rose comparison again, D-Rose actually shot better from distance by making 33.7 percent. Rose has yet to really get the green light from coach Vinny Del Negro, but that could change next year. The good news is that Wall has a good-looking jumper. He has good fundees and should eventually become a three-point threat, but it’s not likely during his rookie campaign.

Fantasy prospects:
The last time I’ve seen a rookie that is going to go as early as Wall will go is Chris Paul. CP3 was taken around pick 50 back in 2005. Chances are that if you want Wall, you’re going to have to pay a premium price for him. Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, and Stephen Curry were the highly coveted rookies in drafts last year, and all three of them exceeded expectations.
Wall has basically all the tools that Tyreke Evans has and he will have a similar ceiling. He is going to be helpful in points, assists, steals, and free throw percentage right off the bat. He will likely shoot a sub-par field goal percentage and won’t be making more than a three per game.
This guy is the real deal and keeper drafts will that keep more than 30 guys will have Wall being the first overall pick without question. That sounds totally absurd for a guy that isn’t proven, but it is 100 percent justified.
Point guard isn’t very deep this year and guys like Brandon Jennings and Baron Davis could be taken in the fourth round and that wouldn’t be considered a reach. It highly depends on what team selects Wall, but if he goes to the right team he is easily worthy of a top-50 pick.


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    j wall is beast

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    hes to much of a dog that he might lead washington to the playoffs

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    hes better than gilbert arenas and hes a rookie

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    wat up rookie keep doing good

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    all day john doing the job is nothing hard but like you maybe get the “ROOKIE OF THE YEAR” DONT WORRIE BOY

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    Jhon Wall be takin off boy he gone get the job done and he will breaak a couple of recods by the time the year over

  7. john wall killin he better than you veterans

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    now see john wall is nice but there,s a big diffrence between NCAA AND THE NBA. As a NCAA player john wall is nice but if he crack under pressure in the NBA he will just be another joke from colege. for the person that said he is better than gilbert that isn,t correct gilbert is about to be a startin shoot guard for orlando magic and until john proves his self you cant even put him in gilberts category.

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    No he ant he suck

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    John wall is one of the best players EVER!! :)

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