Point Guards For Days

08/14/2010 6:58 PM - 

Never in recent memory has there been so many good, exciting point guards in the NBA at one time. Just trying to think of them all makes me dizzy. Nash, D. Will, CP3, Rose, Westbrook, Billups, Kidd, Rondo, Evans, Wall, Collison, Harris, Brooks, Curry, Jennings, Parker…the list is unreal. Fortunately for readers I won’t talk about all of them, but just mention a thing or two about the ones I’m most excited about. The two I really can’t wait to see are Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. Both guys are not only the two most athletic point guards in the league, but two of the best athletes period. Not only that, but I feel next year will be the beginning of both of their primes, and they’re both accompanied by great, young, well constructed teams. Rose’s scoring may go down a little this year with the addition of Boozer, but I think his assists and opponent’s nightmares will both increase. With Boozer demanding more defensive attention and what he claims to be an improved J, it almost isn’t fair. Westbrook’s postseason play last year, especially against the Lakers was definitely his coming out party. After a strong year it became apparent that Rus is now more than just the dude who dunked on everybody at UCLA. But, the playoffs offered a mere tantalizing glimpse into the greatness that will soon be Russell Westbrook. He’s been referred to as a walking triple double, and in my opinion is one of the few guys capable of having a quadruple double with his long arms, quickness, and ability to cookie even the best. As always, I will be glued to the TV every time Chris Paul takes the court this year. He is the epitome of a true point guard, and more so than anyone else on the list often leaves his fans speechless with no look dimes and humbling handles. I think the addition of Ariza is very underrated, and gives the Hornets at least a solid core with Paul, Thornton, Ariza, West, and Okafor. One more added piece and we could see CP back in the playoffs. Two of the smaller second year guys that made a big name for themselves as rookies are Steph Curry and Darren Collison. Both were a little bit of a question mark heading into the season and I’d say both far exceeded expectations. Curry’s second half of the season was as impressive as anyone’s in the NBA, and had he played like that the whole season…he might have stolen something from Tyreke Evans. With the addition of the very undervalued David Lee, and hopefully a healthy roster, the Warriors could surprise a lot of people. I just hope Don Nelson’s tendency to play guys 47 minutes a game and playing with team USA this summer don’t take their toll on little Steph. If you were to look at the list of solid PG’s in the league at the moment, Collison’s name would probably look the most out of place. He was a dependable back up all of last year, but really got his chance when Chris Paul went down with an injury. Averaging almost 20 and 10 as a starter, DC surprised virtually everyone. Now that he’s moved to Indiana where he can be the man…look for very similar production. With the amount of 3’s Granger likes to hoist up, along with a dependable center in Hibbert, and athleticism on the wings…their should be plenty of assists for Collison to rack up. Last but not least, I’m very intrigued to see what happens with John Wall. If previous John Calipari one-and-done’s are any indication of what’s to come…the future looks bright. Wall is another freakishly athletic guard who sees the court very well and is almost equally as dangerous with either hand. The uncertainty of the Agent Zero situation and a bad habit of turning the ball over are the only foreseeable speed bumps for the young Wall. But a very young and very talented roster coupled with what seems to be free reign from the coaching staff and organization could lead to a dangerous Wizards team in a couple years. An incredible wealth of point guards surely doesn’t make it any easier for us short white guys to get our shot, but at least we have them to marvel at.

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