Pick and Roll Radio Show

Contributed By: FantasyBasketball.com Staff

Like FantasyFootball.com, FantasyBaseball.com and FantasyHockey.com before it, FantasyBasketball.com will be debuting a weekly hour-long radio show this Wednesday (Nov. 5) and every Wednesday during the NBA season from 9:30-10:30 p.m. EST.

Join the Show by calling in at 646-378-1138 or join us in the Live Chat room by clicking Blogtalkradio.com/pickandroll

Hosted by FantasyBasketball.com content manager Mike Gallagher and co-hosted by various staff writers, Pick and Roll will bring you the latest player updates, injury news, and player usage discussion while answering your emails, phone calls and even text messages during the show! Get ready for our top waiver pickups, expert trade advice, lineup discussions and featured segments as we move forward! You’ll be able to access our show 100% FREE right here on the web site, and our archives will be stored here all season long for accountability and posterity.

Simply click on the radio show link on the left side of your browser and get a weekly download of top-quality fantasy advice! Thanks for choosing FantasyBasketball.com, where we work hard to bring you the best fantasy basketball information in a variety of formats. Enjoy the show!