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Derrick Rose is going to be on a lot of championship teams a month from now.

Contributed by Mike Gallagher

Allow me to preface this by saying it’s a lot tougher to rank guys with the schedule playing such a factor. That was the primary factor in the rankings and it is obviously advantageous to have a back-loaded schedule as well. Long story short, I don’t think that Derrick Rose is the third-best fantasy player on the planet, but his schedule makes him a player all owners want really badly.
The other major factor is with time being so short, players stuck in a slump have less time to break out of it, and of course there are plenty of guys that are injured as well. Knee injuries have the biggest impact on the rankings and timetables that are not set in stone are tough as well.
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1. Kevin Durant: No Chris Johnson syndrome here
2. LeBron James: Resembling LeBron of last year. Except for the wins
3. Derrick Rose: This is all about the schedule
4. Russell Westbrook: Likewise
5. Deron Williams: The baby could help Deron be reborn
6. Dirk Nowitzki: 56% on 15 FGA and 95% on 7 FTA in past month
7. Chris Paul: He should be back soon and it shouldn’t be recurring
8. Pau Gasol: Bynum stepping up hasn’t hurt him
9. Kobe Bryant: Looks like the Lakers have something to play for
10. Dwyane Wade: 25 PPG in last 5 with plenty of other stats
11. Stephen Curry: We can probably say his ankle is OK
12. Carmelo Anthony: So much for that drop off in production
13. Monta Ellis: Smart finally cooled off on Reggie Williams
14. Amare Stoudemire: Playing with fire with tech trouble
15. Kevin Love: Knee injuries and a weak schedule are terrible
16. Dwight Howard: Dwight more likely for 2 techs than Amare
17. Josh Smith: No blocks in 4 in a row
18. Joakim Noah: Love the Chicago schedule and Noah is elite
19. Al Horford: 57% from the field and 80% from the line
20. LaMarcus Aldridge: Starting to cool, but still a monster season
21. Al Jefferson: One of the best, just a weak schedule
22. Rajon Rondo: Schedule and Chicago at their heels helps
23. Andre Iguodala: Mini LeBron is back with back-to-back trip-dubs
24. Brook Lopez: Not such a bust in the past month or so
25. Jason Kidd: He’s a machine right now
26. John Wall: 8.8 APG for a rookie is remarkable
27. Paul Pierce: That 1-point game is a distant memory
28. Steve Nash: Injuries costing him points on his Kinect
29. Danny Granger: It’s been a bumpy ride for Granger. Not fun like bumper cars either
30. Joe Johnson: Hasn’t really clicked with Hinrich yet
31. Zach Randolph: Memphis looks like a contender
32. Blake Griffin: 93% from the line in March is a fluke, but impressive
33. Andrea Bargnani: Seems like it is always something with him
34. Nene: Not blowing up like expected, still a beast though
35. Chauncey Billups: Should be set for a strong finish
36. David Lee: Udoh? Biedrins? Who cares?
37. Chris Bosh: Thursday encouraging and decent schedule
38. David West: Good to see the injury didn’t keep him down
39. Marc Gasol: 1.6 BPG on the season not too shabby
40. Kevin Garnett: He’d be the most likely of the players to rest
41. Dorell Wright: Finally cooling off, no need to panic though
42. Manu Ginobili: The Pop factor makes Manu risky
43. Devin Harris: He’s playing sweet music with new team
44. Gerald Wallace: Au Revoir Batum
45. Kyle Lowry: Scoop of the year
46. Andrew Bynum: Zen Master might rest him in last few
47. Marcin Gortat: Not a Polish joke here
48. Kevin Martin: Has picked it up without Brooks, not quite a stud though
49. Ray Allen: Not an injury risk with distant scoring approach
50. Carlos Boozer: Minor injury, but Boozer recovers slowly
51. Stephen Jackson: One misstep away from pulling that hammy
52. Jrue Holiday: Weird that Iggy dropping more dimes. Who cares?
53. D.J. Augustin: Guys falling down all around him, but FG% might take a hit
54. Paul Millsap: Sap not oozing with sticky goodness for a while
55. Brandon Jennings: No double-nickels this year
56. Andray Blatche: All signs point to him being OK
57. Andre Miller: I’m an AM person all the way
58. Roy Hibbert: The goose egg is frightening
59. Greg Monroe: Totally sold, but has a weak schedule
60. Tim Duncan: You know the ol’ March drill
61. Serge Ibaka: The Perkins factor has to hurt him
62. Luol Deng: Boozer issues should help the Man from Sudan
63. Mike Conley: What a difference a year makes, right?
64. Jason Richardson: As hot and cold as they come
65. Jason Terry: JET at a nice cruising altitude
66. DeMarcus Cousins 29 Against Dwight was a huge statement
67.Andrew Bogut: The advances of modern science seem to have left Australia behind
68. Elton Brand: He’s probably going to slip in next year’s draft too
69. Luis Scola: Missing his first game and we’re all concerned about his knee forever
70. Kris Humphries: Concerns are gone, so there’s no stopping him
71. Beno Udrih: Tyreke or nah, he is going to be a player
72. J.J. Hickson: Pinkie is done. Didn’t even bet he could light his Zippo 4 times in a row
73. Jose Calderon: Very surprising he has stayed healthy
74. Mo Williams: Owners might need the yellow = sign bumper stick for caring about his groin so much
75. Michael Beasley: Ankle holding up and nobody else stepping up on the wing
76. Tony Parker: Hop off Pop
78. Marcus Thornton: Another reason why opportunity is so important
79. Lamar Odom: So much for Bynum getting hurt, right?
80. JaVale McGee: The progression stopped a couple months ago
81. Ty Lawson: He left Felton in the dust
82. Nick Young: Should be higher, but I think Crawford gets some minutes
83. Tyson Chandler: Dallas might be a bit worried to give him big minutes again
84. Rudy Gay I’m a born gambler
85. Emeka Okafor: Injury shouldn‘t be an issue
86. Chris Kaman: All that rest served him well
87. Wesley Matthews: Gerald playing great and every Blazer on the wing should suffer
88. Danilo Gallinari: A fractured toe shouldn’t keep him out much longer
89. Randy Foye: Gordon should be back, but Foye too good to avoid
90. James Harden: The Sun Devil finally embracing his role off the bench
91. Landry Fields: Relying on range helps his value quite a bit
92. Marcus Camby: For the first time ever, role more of a concern than injuries
93. Rodney Stuckey: What a difference a game makes, right?
94. Darren Collison: My worst call of the year by far
95. Ramon Sessions: Baron being out means he is less likely to be hurt for playoffs
96. Wilson Chandler: The Wilson love fest has soured a bit
97. Kirk Hinrich: He is pretty safe and has a high ceiling
98. Eric Gordon: The reevaluation coming up is an important day on the fantasy calendar
99. Shawn Marion: Has turned back the clock 3 years
100. Tyler Hansbrough: The consistency is remarkable

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