March Rankings: Into The Deep

03/12/2011 2:20 PM - 

Contributed by Mike Gallagher

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101. Patience: You need it in fantasy basketball
102. Samardo Samuels: He might not have been in the top 500 back in October
103. DeMar DeRozan: Needs to develop a triple in the offseason
104. Gerald Henderson: He is starting to shoot the 3, not really making it though
105. Carlos Delfino: His last game was discouraging
106. John Salmons: It has been an upstream battle all season
107. Amir Johnson: He’d be 30 spots higher with health
108. Hedo Turkoglu: Hedo rises on Friday
109. DeJuan Blair: His bum knees might have Pop concerned
110. Raymond Felton: Deadline might cost his owners a title
111. Chase Budinger: A bit hit or miss, still very solid
112. Toney Douglas: Been a fan since deadline, so far so good
113. Luke Ridnour: The Flynn talk was fun for a while
114. Thaddeus Young: 2 bad games in a row. Not worried yet
115. Andrei Kirilenko: Back spasms can be very unpredictable
116. Jamal Crawford: Cheaper version of Nick Young. Huh?
117. George Hill: Figures to be a winner with Pop
118. Samuel Dalembert: Not funny owning most Kings these days
119. Grant Hill: The NBA’s version of Joey Galloway
120. Paul George: Actually 99th in past 30 days, should improve
121. Thaddeus Young: Last 2 games hurt him a bit
122. Vince Carter: Not fun to own at all
123. Anthony Morrow: Starting to think Farmar could eat into his minutes
124. Jameer Nelson: Fallen off, but not because of Gilbert
125.Baron Davis: 19th is far away, but family is family
126. Chuck Hayes: Rockets playing well should allow Chuckster to keep minutes
127. Trevor Ariza: Adios FG%
128. Ed Davis: Rookie movement?
129. Jodie Meeks: 37 minutes on Friday
130. C.J. Miles: He jumps up about 30 when AK-47 jams his back
131. Tyreke Evans: Not looking good and it’s too bad he didn’t do this months ago
132. Darko Milicic: Friday puts him back in the world of relevancy
133.Jarrett Jack: Was playing well off the bench before CP3’s concussion
134. Tyrus Thomas: He should get better with next game
135. Jason Thompson: Not doing much, but schedule will help a lot of people
136. Francisco Garcia: Cisco Systems usually busting or booming
137. Darrell Arthur: He is 121 on the season
138. Nenad Krstic: Not getting big minutes, putting up big numbers
139. Ryan Anderson: The Cal Bear has been kind of bearish
140. Boris Diaw: Easy to love, easy to hate
141. Marco Belinelli: Shooting the lights out lately
142. Hakim Warrick: He probably won’t clear 20 again
143. Channing Frye: Only really has value in weekly leagues as a stash
144. DeAndre Jordan: Still has value despite Kaman exploding
145. Jordan Crawford: He will jump up or move down after tonight
146. Brandon Roy: The no back-to-back factor hurts in weekly (conjecture)
147. Tayshaun Prince: It’s a shame he took minutes from Daye
148. Shane Battier: We will know a lot more about his value in a couple days
149. Shawne Willams: Dorell Wright Lite lately. Billups figures to cut into his minutes
150. J.R. Smith: Gallo coming back hurts him
151. Brandon Bass: Will help if Dwight gets suspended
152. Kendrick Perkins: Very unlikely he will play near 30 minutes
153. D.J. White: 16 & 9 with 2 blocks and 2 steals is a huge game
154. Tracy McGrady: Flirting with triple-doubles and disaster
155.Daniel Gibson: Should have some value while Baron is out
156. Courtney Lee: Sees like value is running out on its own volition
157. Arron Afflalo: Double-A didn’t pass his battery of test
158. Leandro Barbosa: 29 points from a guy that hits threes is attractive
159. Jonny Flynn: Not a bad cheap option for dimes, threes, and steals
160. Derrick Favors: Umm. Sure?
161. Kenyon Martin: Cut him at the 1st sign of trouble though
162. Aaron Brooks: Be on the lookout for Nash going down
163. James Johnson: The Raps like him
164. Roddy Beaubois: Sometimes even a picnic is no picnic
165. Gary Neal: Better to look at him as Manu’s backup, not as guard #4
166. Tony Allen: The Gay return will parade several players to the wire
167. Jerryd Bayless: It feels like we’re waiting for nothing with Calderon
168. Omri Casspi: The Hebrew Hammer still producing with Cisco back
169. Jordan Farmar: Should still have value as bench guy, fantastic handcuff
170. Mario Chalmers: The Mike Bibby experiment is a failure
171. Thabo Sefolosha: Fills the hard categories and gets minutes
172. Wayne Ellington: Here comes the Wes drama
173. Eric Bledsoe: Mo looks healthy and Bledsoe not getting consistent minutes
173. Spencer Hawes: He’ll likely drop 30 with next stinker
174. Sasha Vujacic: He’ll hit some treys with some steals
175. Kurt Thomas: Band-aid player while Boozer is out
176. Wesley Johnson: Ugh
177. Taj Gibson: Daily league only
178. Ron Artest: Actually playing better
179. Lou Williams: Lost all of his steam
180. Pat Patterson: Scola up in the air
181. Gordon Hayward: A career high in his last game grabs my attention
182. Rip Hamilton: Pistons are a mess
183. Austin Daye: Makes no sense that Pistons do not play him
184.Anthony Tolliver: Last 2 have been solid
185. Matt Bonner: The Red Rocket is arousing his owners
186. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute: A cheap big that should be OK with Bogut
187. Ekpe Udoh: Not completely ready to give up on him
188. Jared Jeffries: No points, but blocks and boards
189. Anthony Randolph: Party is over
190. Trevor Booker: Might get 24ish minutes with Blatche in the lineup
191. Brendan Haywood: Not likely he will shoot above 40% from the line
192. Raja Bell: Steals and threes
193. Ronnie Brewer: Steals and steals
194. Nick Collison: Perkins likely knocks him from being relevant
195. J.J. Barea A decent plug-n-play in deep daily
196. Chris Andersen: Prrrrrrrrrrr!
197. Earl Watson: Handcuff for Devin
198. Al-Farouq Aminu: Clippers should start the youth movement soon
199. Alonzo Gee: Low Gee Man is exciting when he is out there
200. Brandon Rush: Brining the D, but George is taking over

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