THE BIG TICKET — You’ve always wished there was a daily fantasy basketball game where you didn’t have to wait for 11 other owners in order to draft. Well, that wish has come true.The Big Ticket allows you to pick one of four (or two) players in a box in an attempt to select the highest fantasy point producer in each box. Each “ticket” contains 6, 10, or 12 “boxes” and each “box” will have either two or four different players to choose from.

The object is to pick the top fantasy point producer in each box, and if you hit at least 50% of your selections, you win cash. HOW EASY IS THAT? No “setting your lineup each week, no trades, no waivers, no draft. This is the easiest fantasy basketball competition you will ever play. You can play every day, enter as many times as you like, and potentially win $1,000,000 (or less, depending on your ticket size).