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02/21/2010 5:16 PM - 

Andray Blatche: Blatche became a moderate pick-up in most leagues when Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood were sent to Dallas, he then became a must-add when the Wizards decided to change their entire core group by sending Antawn Jamison to Cleveland.
In his first game in the new role, Andray erupted for 33 point against Minnesota on Wednesday. He followed up that career-high with 18 point and 11 rebounds on Friday, then 24 points and two blocks on Saturday. Blatche is a slam dunk guy to own, yet he is only owned in 28.5 percent of ESPN leagues.

Luis Scola: Scola became the unquestioned number one option down low for the Rockets with the departure of Carl Landry. Scola celebrated his new role with a 25-point and 11-rebound showing on Saturday. L.S. isn’t going to flashy like a Lexus LS460, but he should be a legit 20-10 threat every night.

JaVale McGee: One of the most mind-boggling draft boards ever conceived by an NBA team came from Washington two years ago. They had Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley at one and two, then McGee at three. They had him over college standouts like Westbrook, Love, Mayo and Brook Lopez! That’s more shocking than Willie McGee being 1985 NL MVP.
JaVale had a nice opportunity last year by playing over 20 minutes in 26 games for the Wizards, but before the recent trades Mr. McGee played over 20 minutes a whopping zero times. In the last three games he played 23 MPG and averaged 11 PPG, seven RPG and 2.7 BPG.
The Wizards bench bigs include James Singleton and Fabricio Oberto. Those guys aren’t exactly Carl Landry or even Chris Andersen. McGee still hasn’t been able to play 30 minutes this season, but he has a real chance to hit that mark and be a very nice four-cat (points, boards, blocks, and field goal percentage) player in all leagues.

Beno Udrih: Beno was very relevant when Kevin Martin was dealing with his wrist injury earlier this season and now that Martin is in H-town, B.U. should gain quite a bit of value for the rest of the season. He did have a very nice start to the season with 15 PPG over the first two month, but he was dumped back on to the wire once Martin returned.
Udrih isn’t that great of a pick-up for a couple of reasons. The first reason is how much better Tyreke Evans, so Beno will have a lot less responsibility with the ball.
Secondly, there are more role players for the young Kings. Omri Casspi’s hot preseason translated favorably to the regular season and he’s become the fourth best rookie in eight-cat leagues (behind Evans, Jennings, and Flynn). Donte Greene has also been a little bit better and even posted a 31-point game a week ago. The Kings also gained another weapon as Francisco Garcia is back on the court and could also garner 20-to-25 minutes per game.
We all know what Beno is capable of doing and it’s certainly serviceable to say the least. However, owners might want to take a chance on a guy with higher upside like Sergio Rodriguez.

Thanks for reading and we will go over some of the smaller winners on Tuesday’s Waiver Wire Scoops.

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