Filling Up The Stat Sheet

03/04/2010 1:24 AM - 

For those that know me, Gerald Wallace has been one of my favorite players for many years. I always thought if he could put a season with no major injury together he would be worthy of a top 10 pick in most fantasy leagues.

So when it comes to filling a Rotisserie League Roster I tend to look for players that have these qualities. These players are not the obvious like LeBron James but they can be valuable down the stretch.

The stats don’t lie:

1. Tayshaun Prince (The point-forward skills are relevant again)

2. Carlos Delfino (Even with Salmons in the house he’s filling up the stats)

3. C.J. Watson (We all know the Don Nelson stories but he gives this guy consistent mins)

4. Mike Miller (Quietly getting it done)

5. Tyrus Thomas (When his head is on right he’s a multi cat guy)

6. Luol Deng (Coming of a injury yearI say this year is a welcome success))

7. O.J. Mayo (I would draft him over R.Gay everytime)

8. Shane Battier (What would he’s stats look likw without missing time)

9. Carl Landry (Im looking for big things from him in the future)

10. Nene (Look at the steals for a center)

In no particular order

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