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In an effort to welcome you to our community, the staff of will begin developing an innovative and educational section we affectionately refer to as — Fantasy University. You will find the entrance to this section under the “General Info” menu on the left side of our home page. This is our attempt to present each and every one of you with all of the tools, educational resources, and lessons you could desire concerning the game of fantasy basketball. At Fantasy University, you will find various articles covering numerous topics from the fantasy basketball world. We have divided these offerings into 5 sections we refer to as “courses,” designed to mirror the college experience.

At Fantasy University, you will find articles encompassing all of the topics of fantasy basketball you could ever hope to discover, and it is all available to the entire community… FOR FREE! This is a feature you will not find on any other site in existence, and in an effort to entice all “round ball” enthusiasts, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience, to our community, we are offering it to you all, free of charge. We encourage you to take full advantage of this feature, as there is something here for everyone. There are quality offerings from various members of our staff, and we know you will be both entertained and enlightened.

Freshman Courses:
FB101: How to Play Fantasy Basketball – By: Jamaal Gilbert
FB102: Fantasy Baskteball Terminology – By: Jamaal Gilbert
FB103: How to Name a Team - By: Paul St. Martin
FB104: Basic Drafting Tips – By: Khaled Dahrouge
FB105: H2H vs. Roto Fantasy Hoops – By: Jamaal Gilbert

Sophomore Courses:
FB201: How to Play the Waiver Wire/Free Agent Market – By: Keithen Baldwin
FB202: Understanding Your League Rules – By: Alvin Lai
FB203: Big Ball vs. Small Ball (Head 2 Head Strategies) -
FB204: The Value of Good Centers – By: Alvin Lai
FB205: Basic Auction Principles – By:

Junior Courses:
FB301:Trading Etiquette and Strategies – By: Jamaal Gilbert
FB302: Keeper vs. Dynasty vs. Redraft Leagues -
FB303: Redrafter League Strategies – How To Stay Competitive – By: Dennis Velasco

Senior Courses:
FB401: Contract Year Player Theory – By: Scott Sargent
FB402: Looking at Average Players on Bad Teams -
FB403: How to Spot Rookie Value – By: Eric Ford

Masters Courses:
FB501: Finding Breakout Players from Year to Year – By: Brian Kelham
FB502: Value Based Drafting in Basketball- Part I – By: Eric Ford
FB503: Value Based Drafting in Basketball- Part II – By: Eric Ford