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Wes In Das Boot

05/30/2011 11:32 PM - 
Wesley Mathews is still in a boot to help his bum ankle heal.


He ankle couldn’t hold up all season and only really Stephen Curry had a weaker ankle throughout the season. Mathews will be a nice pick next year and should slide a bit in drafts.

Butler Not Ruled Out

05/30/2011 11:25 PM - 
Caron Butler is doubtful to play, but has not yet been ruled out.


This comes up for every series and he has yet to play. It is very unlikely he can return from a torn patella tendon and even if he does play, it will be in a very small capacity.

Jackson The Lead Candidate?

05/30/2011 11:19 PM - 
The word on the street is that Mark Jackson is in one of the last guys standing to fill the Warriors’ head coaching vacancy.


Warriors fans are probably hoping this deal does not go through while other NBA fans would just like to hear another broadcast guy on ESPN.

Perk Going Opposite Direction Of Durant

05/30/2011 11:12 PM - 
Kendrick Perkins will look to drop 20 pounds in the offseason.


Perkins was about as sluggish as Big Papi rounding the bases and the Mavs took full advantage. He couldn’t hit free throws and it looks like he was the product of the Boston system. Of course, Scott Brooks’ system is about as simple as third-grade math. Brooks forgot to carry the one a few times.

King Sticking JJ?

05/30/2011 11:00 PM - 
LeBron James will reportedly guard J.J. Barea.


Coach Spo could just be playing the old game of smoke and mirrors. The Mavericks get their scoring from Dirk and their guards, so it’s not as farfetched as it might sound. Dirk should probably be guarded by Joel Anthony with plenty of mixtures of soft- and straight-double teams.

Nets Like Miami’s Plan

05/29/2011 6:28 PM - 
The New Jersey front office brass likes what Miami did in the offseason by acquiring two huge pieces.
Kevin Durant is looking to put on some weight in the offseason.


Pretty obvious stuff considering how Miami is in the championship without a point guard or a center. New Jersey would give just about anything to get a crack at Dwight Howard next season.

KD Looking To Bulk UP

05/29/2011 6:20 PM - 
Kevin Durant is looking to put on some weight in the offseason.


While he is not going to come back looking like Shawn Kemp or anything, Durant figures to put on some muscle to help his post game on the offensive and defensive end. He, LeBron, and CP3 are all worthy of the first pick next year.

JET’s Tat

05/29/2011 6:17 PM - 
Jason Terry’s tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy will be removed should the Mavs lose to the Heat.


Getting tattoos removed is unhealthy to the body, but hey, if it helps him win a championship then it is worth it. Tuesday won’t come soon enough.

Kue Tip?

05/29/2011 6:11 PM - 
Sources at ESPN believe that John Kuester will not return to the Pistons next year.


It’s not exactly going out on a limb since Kue was arguably one of the worst coaches in the league last year. Any coach figures to a better option to help the values of Greg Monroe and Rodney Stuckey. The rest of the Pistons that could have value is TBD.

Jazz Interested In Vesely

05/29/2011 6:07 PM - 
The Jazz are expected to have a meeting with Jan Vesely.


The have the third pick, but chances are that this interest has more to do with the 12th pick they possess as well. However, it’s very unlikely that Vesely makes it all the way to the 12th pick.