Breaking down the Wall!

07/16/2010 12:47 AM - 

With the summer being dominated by the free-agency frenzy we’ve seemed to lose sight of the NBA draft and all the great players to come out of this years class.
John walls debut win (84-79) against the Golden State Warriors in the summer league shows why he was the first pick in the NBA draft.
He scored 24 points and had eight assists. He also had eight turnovers but that was due to him playing too fast and trying to do too much.
“What we like about him as much as anything is his ability to make other people better.” said Flip Saunders. Well Flip, let’s hope he has that impact on your entire team, cause they’re gonna need it.
To be honest when Wall was drafted to the Wizards I expected him to do as Kobe did and demand a trade. Well that would have been the logical choice. But it seems Wall is fitting right in.
The Wizards need to focus on building that team around Wall, cause like Rondo, John Wall has the ability to run a team without any problem. He has a consistent three-point shot, shooting 32.3 percent in Kentucky. His FG percentage being 46 needs to come up if he’s gonna make the transition to playing the real NBA teams. His free throw percentage at 75 percent could always get better but is still high among rookies!
I hope to have Wall on my fantasy team for the sheer fact that when you have talent and passion like he does, something great is gonna happen.
I hope the Wizards organization realize what they have there in Washington and make plans to preserve it for the future. With John Wall on the roster any team should have a chance to contend for the title!

This post was submitted by Shane Keyros.


  1. Mike Gallagher says:

    You wouldn’t believe how much I’m beginning to love John Wall. Honestly, I feel I’ve never been more excited about a rookie (and I’ve been ripped for it if you haven’t seen some of my other stuff on the site).
    He needs to develop his consistency with his shot, but I REALLY want Wall on my team.
    After last year’s rookie breakouts (Tyreke and Curry), Wall could have the highest ADP since the internet was invented.
    It’s way past a man crush at this point for me. It’s almost to a point where I’m going to the Summer League and pull a Jason Schwartzman from Slackers on him.

  2. shane keyros says:

    Don’t make a hair person Mike! As any rookie does, Wall is going to have to pick and choose his shots! You’re right he has to develop consistencey. He seems like a lesser Rondo to me, only Wall’s 3 pointer is a little better. I think he will do big things as a rookie and in hid whole career!

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