A Disgrace?

07/09/2010 6:22 PM - 

What’s happened in Cleveland has been called many things. What’s most disturbing of all is that is has been called a disgrace, when in reality, the reaction from fans, staff and most of all majority owner Dan Gilbert is the disgrace!
The statement made by Gilbert is the most futile and disturbing thing I’ve ever seen from a person in his position. You see, what they see as a betrayal, I see as a smart business decision!
LeBron James has given his home state the best years of his career, and got nothing in return except expectations! What I mean by this is he was expected to carry the team to glory as a one-man army! Which he’s taken them to the promise land multiple times; but the “team” could never cross the river to the land of milk and honey.
Is it that compelling that a great talent would want to be complemented by other great talents? Hell, even Jordan had Pittman and Rodman! Kobe has had Shaq, Fisher, Artest and Gasol!
To the King and his new-found teammates I say good luck! I also say congratulations for making the smart decision and I commend you for sacrificing the money for the titles! You have truly begun to make it a game again! Thank you!

This post was submitted by Shane Keyros.


  1. Mike Gallagher says:

    I don’t know, man. I think Gilbert definitely took it a step too far with all the derogatory names, but I thought the $17.41 fathead thing was one of the funniest things I’ve heard all year.
    I have to disagree with your statement of LeBron getting nothing except expectations. LeBron didn’t exactly play for free if ya catch my drift.
    I think that this move wasn’t in the best interest of his legacy though. If he went to a team that’s more suited for his skills, then I would be all for it. Wade and LeBron are too much alike and their offensive strategy will have to use outside-the-box thinking (possible though). LeBron is going to have to change his game, which is a concept that a lot of us have trouble wrapping our heads around. I feel LeBron is the best player in the NBA, but he won’t be able to play the same way in South Beach. He needs to vastly improve his shooting and we have yet to see how he moves without ball since he’s never played with one, let alone two superstars.
    This is obviously a great move for the NBA and Miami will be on TNT/NBA on ABC/ESPN/NBATV on a nightly basis. They’re going to have a Strasburg-type impact on road games. As a New Jersey fan that lives in Phoenix, I can tell you right now that I’m going to be buying tickets to Heat@Suns in what should be the hottest ticket in town for the season (and not because it involves Heat and Suns).
    I kind feel bad for LeBron because he’s sort of a villain to so many franchises (NY, NJ, and especially Cleveland). He’ll obviously persevere and I’m really excited about this coming season.

  2. shane keyros says:

    Finally someone else agrees he’s the best player in the league. as long as they remember why they took less money and put work in during the off-season I believe they can co-exist. There always is that big bang scenario if egos get in the way though, so I agree good sir!
    But now with the addition of Shaq to the mix, the plot thickens. Now they have that big body for those big name guys and someone to get the boards!
    I don’t think the man is worth more than league minimum with as much as he will be riding the pine pony. But he’s good “defensive” addition.
    Thank you Mike.

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